Liam lives with his wife, Precious, in Overland Park, Kansas. He is Academic Vice President at Global Scholars. A historian who most recently co-authored the book, Civil Religion and American Christianity (BorderStone, 2018) he has also edited books, monographs, and journals. Most recently, he contributed articles to two encyclopedias: War and Religion (ABC-CLIO, 2017) and Evangelical America (ABC-CLIO, 2017)

Liam received his Ph.D. from Kansas State University where he studied under the legendary Robert D. Linder. He is Phi Beta Kappa. He is also a member of Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Alpha Theta. Liam was the founding editor of the literary and cultural journal Mars Hill Review. He and Precious wrote a book together entitled Grief (NavPress, 1995). 

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash


Liam and Precious have two grown children who both live on the West Coast. At home in Kansas, they live with a Schnoodle who schemes night and day against squirrels and is otherwise outraged at the sedentary habits of her masters. Liam often reads aloud the works of  Thyra Ferre Bjorn while drinking his morning coffee–which he brews appropriately. Every spring and summer he dies and dies with the baseball Royals (currently dying), and thus has plenty of time to keep the grass mowed. The rest of the year Liam bleeds purple (EMAW). He fiddles with an English “translation” of John Ponet’s Short Treatise of Political Power because he thinks people may find it useful very soon.

Liam was born and raised in Leavenworth, Kansas, but has lived in Dallas, Denver, Seattle (Whidbey Island), and practically lived in Manchester, England for a time. He has only made it to three continents thus far. Please help him think creatively about how to rectify this latter problem.