This website is the idea of Liam Atchison, a historian and former professor. He has maintained this site in some form since 2003. Initially located at modernera.us, Liam changed it to the current eponymous site.

Liam co-edited the book Civil Religion and American Christianity (Newport: Stone Tower Press, 2020). He has also written and edited other books, monographs, and journals.

Liam received his Ph.D. from Kansas State University. At K-State, he studied under the historian Robert D. Linder (1933-2021), author of The Fountain of Public Prosperity (Melbourne: Monash, 2019). Liam is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and several other honorary societies. In addition, he was a founding editor of Mars Hill Review, a literary and cultural journal.

Liam was born in Leavenworth, Kansas. In forty-four years of marriage, he and his wife, Precious, have resided in four major American cities west of the Mississippi. They now live in Arnold, Nebraska (Population 597) with their Schnoodle, Emma. Liam works in a writer’s studio inspired by the one in popular historian David McCullough’s (1933-2022) backyard (see below). 

Check out Liam’s other website, Mossbunker Review.

David McCullough’s writing shed, “The Bookshop,” in West Tisbury, Massachusetts, was built in 1970.
Liam’s writing shed, “Mossbunker,” in Arnold, Nebraska, was built in 2021. Liam is in purple.