Curators of stories are also purveyors of words. I make my living with words. I read words. I study words. I laugh at words. Words bring out both sentimentality and deep feeling in me. I love words.

I love my native language. I enjoy learning new words in English. I lean in closer when I read the etymology of words in the dictionary. Elegant and exotic words are wonderful, but I enjoy the way everyday words tumble out of human mouths. The word “paint” is one of my favorite words, especially when I hear someone put the lesser word “pot” with it. “Paint pot” is to me one of the most evocative combinations of words in the language. Labials and dentals frolic on the same playground, and suggest bright colors and pastels in soft liquidity being stirred by a languid hand. Marvelous!

So you get the idea. This section of the website will be a playground for words.