Tempus Fugit: Is it time to make books?

Over the last four years, in a book, articles, blogs, texts, and emails, I wrote 2,198,152 words. That is roughly the number of words in 27 novels. I think this serves as a wake-up call.

This morning I “enrolled” in a 30-day productivity program offered by a Canadian newsletter author I follow (https://productivityist.com/). I am wary about subscribing to this sort of thing because I end up reading instead of writing. I am also careful during the holiday season because I do not allow time to do the requirements properly. Add to this that I have a glut of accumulated advice (http://liamatchison.com/contact-dr-liam/sage-advice-about-writing/). My thirty days correspond to the entire month of December. Subscribing seems really risky.

Will it be worth the risk? I may not say I wrote twenty-four books in four years, but I will settle for four to six! More to come (books I, hope)!

Shelby Miller on Unsplash

Christmas Gift Montage

Here is a beautiful compilation of inspiring winter scenes and custom music composition from the Pacific Northwest. My daughter, Hope is the videographer and her husband, Jake is the musician and arranger of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. I know this departs from my traditional black and white reading format, but I thought it was in keeping with the spirit of the blogsite. I hope you enjoy it.