Dame Agatha and oddballs: Defeating resistance

# Trust30 Prompt: Today, let’s take a step away from rational thought and dare to be bold. What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to accomplish but have been afraid to pursue? Write it down. Also write down the obstacles in your way of reaching your goal. Finally, write down a tangible plan to overcome each obstacle.

I have always wanted to write a murder mystery novel. I love the great British mystery writers of the whodunit genre because the adventure was in the chase. Seldom did Dame Agatha detail a grisly crime scene. Simple poison could do the trick, and then the sleuth would match his or her wits against the killer. I want to use my creative gifts to both delight my imagined audience and to honor, in a sly way, all those terribly interesting and eccentric people it has been my honor to meet. I can see each one of these real people contributing to the gene pool of my fictional characters, lending depth and more believability than the same crew could muster in real life.

I have cheated a little in response to this prompt. You see, I have already begun my mystery in bits and pieces. One piece was shared last week as my fifteen minute story that had to be told. As to obstacles, there are none except the biggest ogre of all–resistance. In this fallen world, resistance is the weed in the garden during these last days, of the noxious flora that threatens to choke out all other verdant life. My plan is simply to name the enemy, refuse to underestimate it, avoid poisonous playmates but call upon friends and loved ones who know me and are committed to my finishing the project well, and capturing every available moment of writing to fight resistance tooth-and-nail until it is defeated and I am finished. Then celebrate. Another trophy to lay at Jesus’ feet.