Stop kidding yourself

#Trust30 Prompt: What is burning deep inside of you? If you could spread your personal message RIGHT NOW to 1 million people, what would you say?

Stop kidding yourself.
You who hated to be judged: Do you judge?
You who hate thoughtlessness: Do you think?
You cry out for democracy to be spread, but what elitism will you tolerate to bring it about?
You cry out for justice, but do you even know what justice is?
Would you be willing to be treated justly, just as you demand that the unjust be punished?
You want justice for the poor, but do you give freely?
You want the rich to pay more of their share, and yet are you not greedy?
You deny that there is evil while the concentration camps still stand.
You cannot love the earth and hate people, and you cannot even hate haters and live on the earth.

You have opinions, but you cannot think.
You need righteousness, and yet your opinions are so strong you cannot ask for it.
You hate being called a sinner and yet you beg for forgiveness; from what?
You control by being out of control.
You mistake being out of control for freedom; how pitiful.
You shoehorn your idea of a savior into a hipster, morphing hubris into character.
You are an expert in things you know nothing about.
Your voice is infallible though it has never gotten anything right.
You are an authority on how to live, but you have never truly lived even one day.
You will never see yourself in these sentences, because you are blind.

There is only one piece of good news but you will never hear it reported.
Perhaps you are deaf also?
It was clever to make history subjective: then it could begin when you were born.
You are certainly deaf to any tradition, and banish the old to oblivion.
You can feel good about trusting your gut, but the transcendentalists are dead.
Their antebellum self-reliance could do no more than self-actualize them.
When slavery and civil war came they saw the shallowness of withdrawal into their minds.
Help from outside us must come or bondage and bloodshed will be dragged inside.
What we could not do for ourselves he did for us.
So, stop kidding yourself.